Author: Melissa Wilks

Melissa Wilks grew up in north Devon, on the fringes of Exmoor. Her parents ran a farm shop which specialised in organic produce, and Melissa loved to learn about foods and cooking. At school in the early 1980s, she rebelled when told that only boys could study electronics, and although she eventually came to love the textiles course she was placed on instead, she never lost her interest in technology. In her final year, she designed an electronic stock control system for her parents to use, something which helped her to gain admission to Birmingham University. After graduating, she travelled widely in Europe and worked briefly as a fashion journalist in Italy.

On returning to England, Melissa began a career in e-commerce, rapidly rising through the ranks of some of Britain's most innovative companies. In 2010, she took the bold step of calling a halt to this way of life and becoming a self-employed consultant. Melissa now lives in the Yorkshire Dales and keeps up with the latest developments in the fashion, food and technology industries with the love and support of her partner Chris and their Labrador retriever, Abbie.

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